New opportunities for your business

For partners and members of the club on the platform there are various types of earnings.

Using the capabilities of the InterKent platform, you can:


Advertise your business on the InterKent platformсвой 

For each partner or club member, we provide the opportunity to place an advertising banner in the «Partners» section on our website. In this section we place an advertising banner with a link to your resource. For partners of the club accommodation in the section is provided for 12 months. For members of the club accommodation indefinitely. 

Receive compensation and bonuses for active development of the platform

Purchase a  «Club travel package» and receive  7%  - 100%  cashback return of funds to the account in your personal account to activate the payment of compensation within 12 months.


Receive cashback Returns to the account in your account for purchases in the store KentShop

Buy items in our store and get cashback for every purchase.

Cashback will come to your account in your personal account, where you can activate the accrual of compensation for the funds received. You can find out the cashback amount from the purchase of goods in our online store.

Invite partners and get bonuses and commissions for it

You can receive a bonus for the active development of the platform. We will pay you € 25 for each partner who purchases a «Partner» club card and € 50 for purchasing a «KENT» club card at your recommendation.

After you have invited a partner, you will receive a commission from all the activities of partners in your structure.

For club partners: from purchases made by your personally invited partners, we pay a commission of 5%  to 50%


For club members: from purchases made by your personally invited partners, we pay a commission in the amount of 5% to 50%, as well as club members receive a commission on the amount of cashback activated to receive compensation up to level 5 in the structure: 


Post items in a KentShop store

For each club member, we develop an individual affiliate program for

You will be able to use club affiliate programs to sell your products, products and services at the KentShop store on very favorable terms, both for customers and for themselves.

Other opportunities

Other opportunities are available to partners and members of the club in your account.

In order to gain access to your personal account, select and purchase a club card.